Pot Stickers

Pot Stickers

I had Pot Stickers once at a Chinese restaurant that were absolutely fantastic,

I don’t know which one or where, but I’ve never had any as good since. So I hit pinterest and tried some recipes and they were…

Pot Sticker Stir-Fry

Potsticker stirfry

My lazy way of getting the pot sticker flavor I crave without the time consuming effort making them!



Nutella Cinnamon Rolls

Nutella Cinnamon Rolls


The One day I finally have nothing to do and am able to make cinnamon rolls for my Daughter and I have no Brown sugar. Amidst her crying and the big bad crocodile tears, I say “What about peanut butter”? (I have a thing for…

Clutter, Clutter go away!

As I sit and make list upon list to declutter my home on this “it is  probably going to rain” today… I’m reminded how I have this AWESOMETASTIC book to read.
So I shall! AND HOPEFULLY my…

Hamburger Soup

In a word?
Delicious! Magnifico! Yummy!
OK, I guess that was 3, I really like to exaggerate. I have a flare for the dramatics 🙂

Happy 2014

This has been a busy last 6 months…but I am determined to make the busy ~ ness slow down and take some time to get caught up on me stuff!

I’m super exited that I can now post from my Android, so at least I’ll be able to do more faster sometimes…LOL

I hope you had a…


Oh my I have been so busy with summer and wedding prep that I have been so bad at posting things….well, I could post words, but no pictures and we cant have that 🙂 The updates will come soon my friends….stay tuned!!!


I really would rather be cooking in Paris, but I’m not. I’m cooking in Alberta. I’m a Mom of 2, and I love food, and chocolate, I am always trying new things…except seafood. Although, I do cook it for my Family, I just don’t eat it, I try…